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CheckMark Roster Manager

Take Your Team Wherever You Go!

The CheckMark Roster Manager provides you with a handy way to carry your sports team information with you everwhere you go. Whether at home, the office, or the field, your teamís schedule, roster, and coach contact information is only a couple of clicks away.

The CheckMark Roster Manager allows you to send your teamís information to others as an email attachment. With two clicks, others can import a team into their copy of the Roster Manager app. Now everyone can have the game schedule, practice schedule, and the proper uniform specs readily available.

What Customers are Saying

"I'm a team manager for a boys soccer team and this is better than excel.  So easy to use and tons of information to keep our team organized.  Thanks!"
  "This app is great for a coach of multiple athletes.  It gives the coach the ability to provide feedback to parents via email and other means of contact."
100% Five Star Ratings
 (as of 8/1/2012)

Keep your schedule, roster, and attendance records on your phone!

  • Track your game schedule, including opponent, field location and address, attendance, and custom notes
  • For each player, track their name, address, phone #'s and email addresses, parents names and numbers.  For adult teams, track spouses / BFF's names and contact information too.
  • Always have coach and team mom information handy too.  The coaches section provides a handy place to store contact infomormation for all your coaches and volunteers, as well as league contacts